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How We Started

Day 1

This goes somewhere between the late Summer of 2017. Sitting in his car parked under a tree, Siddharth was thinking about his passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle! Soon after a cloud of thoughts, he realized the need for healthy options for nutrition and wellness products that also ensure a better lifestyle. That’s when it struck! His first brand, his first business, Belle and Beast.

After a few weeks

He was trying to make a logo on blank pages. Belle and Beast was designed many times on these sheets and a graphic designer from Russia was hired online to design an exact calligraphy of Siddharth's signature. The logo was now ready!

A few months later

His fortunate meetings with the top industry professionals introduced him to Suraj - The super talented and experienced formulator who shared similar interests in the field of philosophy, life science, nutrition and wellness.

In 2018

Research and development, trials and testing, everything to make a brand which only speaks quality was under development.

Finally in 2019

The passion and idea behind Belle and Beast was soon converted into our first product - Only iSOLATES - ready to support the urban lifestyle & celebrate fitness.